We’re good to you

We’re a generous couple you know, we do things so that you don’t have to. And what’s more we tell you about it so you know what not to do. Take these things that you don’t have to do because we’ve done them for you.

1  Little cartons of juice. You know, the ones with the straw in the plastic bag attached to the top that you fight to open. You don’t have to blow down the straw into the carton, and blow and blow and blow and then take the straw away from your mouth so that a fountain of juice goes all down your front. Just drink it like the grown up you are.

2 French multi storey car parks. Don’t assume that just because you can get into the car park with your van with a roof rack on top that you will be able to get out again.  Don’t go up the ramp that says 1.55m (5 feet)height limit at the top so that you have to reverse all the way down again. And don’t assume when you try to go down instead that just because there’s no notice to say that the concrete beam is also too low for you to get under that you can do so without doing a lot of damage to your roof rack. Then you won’t have to finally creep out the way you came in, come to a roundabout and have your roof rack fall off into the road for another van to run over and crunch up. You also won’t then have to leave your roof rack on the side of the road because you can’t tie it to the roof (nothing to tie it to) and you can’t put it inside because it’s the whole length of the van. Just take the car instead.

3  Wells, pumps and water butts. When you fill up your 1000 litre (220 gallon) water-butt from the well, so that you can water your precious veggies, always remember to take the hose pipe out as soon as you turn the pump off. Otherwise, when you come back later, you will find that the water-butt is completely dry. The tap will be closed, no sign of leakage anywhere. You will then come to the conclusion that when you turned the pump off the water simply siphoned back into the well down the hose pipe and through the pump.

See? Now you know what not to do. Conversely, here are some things you should do.

1 If you have a box hedge that divides the garden in two, you should cut a hole in the middle so that you can get from one bit of garden to the other more easily, and also because then a hare can come and sit in the gap …….


and chew his feet …….

hare2 hare4 

hare5   hare3

And finally, don’t bother waiting for the partridge to come and sit in your pear tree, he won’t, ever. Just get a holly instead so that a pigeon can come and sit in it.

pigeon in a holly tree

See what a lot you have learned today!

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Literary Tuesday – Will there really be a morning

I first read this poem by Emily Dickinson when I read it at the beginning of the Frances Farmer biography Will There Really Be a Morning (Frances Farmer was an American film actress during the 1930s and 40s who was involuntarily committed to a mental hospital)

Will there really be a "Morning"?
Is there such a thing as "Day"?
Could I see it from the mountains
If I were as tall as they?

Has it feet like Water lilies?
Has it feathers like a Bird?
Is it brought from famous countries
Of which I have never heard?

Oh some Scholar! Oh some Sailor!
Oh some Wise Men from the skies!
Please to tell a little Pilgrim
Where the place called "Morning" lies!


It’s short and to the point, and poignant too. By the time she died in 1886 Emily Dickinson had become almost a recluse and the breadth of her poems wasn’t discovered until after her death.

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Rob is getting worried, in fact he said so the other day ‘I’m getting worried’ he said. All because I’ve decided that I’d like to make some flowers. I’m not a fussy, frilly, flowery person so he is understandably a little perplexed.  Why the sudden interest? I like real flowers you understand, but not usually not real ones! Perhaps it’s because of all the flowers I keep seeing on blogs. I’ve had a go at most of these but I’m still refining them until they are fit for public consumption so no photos of my attempts yet.

I love this huge flower at the Embellished Nest 

Huge paper flower

and these paper napkin flowers from Made –

paper flowers

even Rob liked these little tissue paper flowers from bliss! –

little flowers

How about crocheted roses like these from PlanetJune –

crochet roses

Or these fabric ones featured on Design*Sponge –

fabric flower

We have roses out in the garden of all colours, pink, yellow, deep red and orange so I feel a real and not real flower post coming up ….!

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What’s going on

I haven’t had much time to post these past few days so here’s a summary:


We had a HUGE hail storm at the weekend, look at the size of those hail stones! This was during and after thunder and lightning and a power cut. Luckily we didn’t suffer much damage – the trees lost some leaves and the tulips their heads, but we heard that others had holes in their greenhouses and mudslides arriving in kitchens which isn’t good. At least the rain afterwards watered the garden and filled up the well again.


Scout decided it was too wet to go out so stayed inside. This is her Saturday Night Fever impression, either that or she’s trying (not very hard) to catch a fly.

Milly close up

Why won’t animals keep still when you want to photograph them? This is a (very) close up of Milly. I was trying to take photos of the goats getting along together but they weren’t very cooperative. Milly thought I must have banana chip treats with me so she wouldn’t leave me alone. Still, I suppose that must mean she feels at home here now!

Lily of the valley

Completely forgot to post this on Sunday. Traditionally on May 1st (Labor day) in France  you give Lily of the valley to those you love, although now you can give it to virtually anybody which is obviously why I felt the need to reach out to you all!! Can you feel the love?? Can you?

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I won!

A few days ago I was browsing through my blog favourites and discovered that on  The Yvestown blog there was a give away. Now I don’t win things, I just don’t, but I liked the poster on offer and as I only had to comment I thought why not, nothing to lose. And guess what? I won! Hooray, hurrah! Here’s the poster I won

For Like Ever

Good isn’t it? If you didn’t happen to win one, (like  me) you can buy them from Super Rural in different colours. I chose purple for my wall. Just waiting for it to arrive now, probably take ages as it has to come from the United States. I’ll just have to find something to do – sew, crochet, bake something, twiddle my thumbs ………

For Like Ever poster

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Being Creative – Dessert

After I joined the Being Creative group I realised that that meant I had to do something about it! The subject for April is dessert. Yum, this opened up lots of possibilities, most of which would probably have been eaten before they got to be photographed. So, bizarrely, I decided to make something inedible for dessert.

First of all  I thought I’d make some strawberries.  But as I have made them before I thought that was cheating a bit so I decided to add some cakes. I found these beautiful creations on Norma Lynn’s site but didn’t have all the colours I’d need so I settled for something that I could make with the wool I had. I haven’t crocheted for years so I can thank Julia Crossland for making me pick up my crochet hook again, I’m loving all the hearts, and flowers and bunting I’ve made since (that’s another post though).

There are masses of patterns for the cupcake I made, this is the pattern I used though.

Here then, in all its glory is my April dessert – ta da!


Or, if you prefer your dessert with a dainty tablecloth –

Dessert on cloth

The strawberries I found on Martha Stewart’s site as pincushions, there is a template to download but I made my own leaves for the tops.


The plates are from a Royal Albert tea set called Lady Carlyle and the wine was a Chardonnay Colombard and didn’t last long once all the photos were taken! Lilac from the garden.

I’m looking forward to next month’s challenge now – home.

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Spring is here – you can smell it

If only this was a smelloblog, smellyblog, pongyblog or whatever the word might be. It’s way too early for lots of things to be flowering, but they are and outside smells beautiful, all lilac and lily of the valley. The colours are wonderful. It will all end in tears of course when the weather breaks and we could certainly do with rain for the vegetable patch but for now, it’s heavenly. Here’s what’s happening in our little bit of Brittany –

lilac bush

Can you smell that lilac bush?

horse chestnut

The horse-chestnut is flowering madly.

queen of the night tulip

Tulips are my favourite flower and this Queen of the Night is stunning.

view down the drive

A view towards the road, with a laburnum poking its head above the other trees.
the barn catches the morning sun

The barn catches the morning sun.

socut and miss maudie check for intruders

Scout and Miss Maudie check for intruders.  Poor Miss Maudie, even her tail is stumpy!

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