Tour de France

Le tour as it’s known in France arrived near us last week as is does every now and then. We arrived about 3  hours before the cyclists were due to find a space and waited, and waited.  The caravan arrived about an hour before the riders. The caravan is a parade of sponsors who drive by and throw out goodies to the spectators so we duly grabbed our hats, sweets, giant hands to wave with, notepads and anything else that was thrown our way.  Then the cyclists arrived and whizzed by in 10 seconds flat!  It was hard to get any photos of them because they were so fast but the atmosphere was great.




Click on the photos to see larger versions – love the old locals sitting on their seats with their free hats!

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5 Responses to Tour de France

  1. movita says:

    Okay… um… I wasn’t expecting that level of… tackiness from France. Those are some crazy car floats! Somehow, despite the fact that I’ve both been to France AND have family living in France, I thought there would be a more refined sensibility to the event. You know, wine, cheese, no cars with huge dogs on ’em…

    • maudiemaudie says:

      I missed out the float with the men taking their clothes off advertising washing powder (camera steamed up!). There was actually nothing refined about it, it was bedlam! Later on in the week one of the press cars knocked 2 of the riders off their bikes which didn’t go down well. Sadly they didn’t throw out wine or cheese but we did get little saucissons and Madeleins sponges which were lovely, and big green hands to wave with.

  2. Niftic says:

    Great stuff! Love the Tour de France.

  3. I took the same photos from an hour and a half away in Dinan, which was a Ville d’étape. Crazy day of traffic jams and sweaty men in Lycra….after 25 years in France I am well used to the tackiness!

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