Busy June

Well June turned out to be a busy month with not much time to post. I took this photo at the beginning of June of our first produce from the garden that wasn’t salad related. Potatoes, courgettes, a garlic bulb and some purple sprouting broccoli leaves –

first produce, yay!

There’s much more now of course. We’ve dug masses of potatoes, picked lots of courgettes, and ate our first cauliflowers yesterday. We don’t have too many of them because they’re all ready at the same time.  Nearly forgot the peas, we’ve eaten quite a lot of them with a second row to come and the haricot beans will be ready soon.

We spent Sunday at some friends for a barbecue with my parents who were in France to visit. It was the hottest day of the year so far, over 30°c but we had a great time.

dinner table

lunch with friends and family

If only all Sundays were like this!

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2 Responses to Busy June

  1. Karen says:

    Hello, I just discovered your blog and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it. Your Sunday sounded wonderful. I wish I could give you a little of our rainy Maine weather to help with your garden. Hopefully you will get some much needed rain soon.

    • maudiemaudie says:

      Thanks for reading! We did have a little rain for a few days which did help a lot but now we’re back to dry weather. Maybe you’re getting our rain – give it back!

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