And still there is no rain

And still there is no rain. In France now there are 58 departments with water restrictions including all those around us so we will be next. That’s more than half of France.  Once those water restrictions come to us we will no longer be able to wash our cars – hooray! But worse, we won’t be able to water our precious gardens because the water restrictions cover source water, ie our well too.

There are clouds, in fact it’s cloudy now, but no rain.  The wheat and maize in the fields around us are turning brown which is bad news for the farmers – and no doubt us when food prices go up.

The good news is everything is flowering like mad, including this lovely straggly Philadelphus which needs a haircut


Maybe it’ll rain this afternoon ….. watch this space!

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2 Responses to And still there is no rain

  1. movita says:

    We’ve still got nothing but rain. Clouds and rain. We get a peep of sun here and there, and then more rain. On the plus side, our rain barrel is always full. I wonder how much it would cost to ship?

    • maudiemaudie says:

      Ha! Isn’t the Canadian Post Office on strike? The rain would probably get here first! And I bet the postman would spill it – they drive like maniacs round here. Nice thought though.

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