It’s all red!

We have lots of red at the moment. Last week it was all purple, this week it’s all red. Next week may be purple again when we frame the poster because that’s purple but this week it’s red. Red tomatoes – we ate our first home-grown tomato of the year this week, yay! We ceremoniously cut it in half and then gobbled our own half up. I have to say it wasn’t the most tasty tomato I’ve ever eaten but that’s because really it’s still too early. Also, red peppers – not ours, and ours will be orange (that’s an orange week then) and red strawberries from some friends who have so many they can’t eat them all! They are were delicious. Radishes, ours from the garden, as are the salad leaves but they aren’t read so they don’t count.


We have lots of roses out now too – most of them …………………………. red!

red rose

red rose2

Also, I’m going to be pointing you in the direction of some Etsy shops that have great stuff this month. You know, interesting stuff, stuff you didn’t know you needed until you saw it. And seeing as how we’re in a sea of red at the moment, how about this?

red button bouquet

It’s from Angel9‘s shop on Etsy. Isn’t it unusual? If only I wasn’t already married! Actually there are other lovely things in her shop, it’s not all bridal bouquets.

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