Making hay and partridges

They (whoever ‘they’ are) say you should never work with children or animals, and I think birds should be added to the list.

You know I said that a partridge was never going to come and sit in your pear tree? Well a couple of days later look what turned up in the garden :
red legged partridge

Yes, it is indeed a red-legged partridge, and here it is kind of aiming for the still very small pear tree that we’ve planted:

red legged partridge2

He’s gone now, probably in a huff because the pear tree wasn’t big enough.

Next to the paddock that the goats are in there’s an area of grass that just kind of sits there doing nothing. So, we thought why not cut it for hay for the goats. Goats love hay. They can have a whole paddock of interesting things to eat but what they really want is hay. We have to buy in our hay so it would help out a little bit towards the cost. Rob went and got out the scythe and half an exhausting hour later – and that was just me watching, we decided that the metal cutter on the strimmer would be a better idea.

After a few days of drying and turning it was ready to pick up. The goats of course were very excited at the prospect of all that hay to eat, and tucked into the little bit they had as a taster.


 Interesting stuff hay. Here’s the chief hay picker upper
chief hay picker upper
We got nine big bags of it and Matthew was desperate to try some.
matthewMolly managed to get a taster too.


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