Rob is getting worried, in fact he said so the other day ‘I’m getting worried’ he said. All because I’ve decided that I’d like to make some flowers. I’m not a fussy, frilly, flowery person so he is understandably a little perplexed.  Why the sudden interest? I like real flowers you understand, but not usually not real ones! Perhaps it’s because of all the flowers I keep seeing on blogs. I’ve had a go at most of these but I’m still refining them until they are fit for public consumption so no photos of my attempts yet.

I love this huge flower at the Embellished Nest 

Huge paper flower

and these paper napkin flowers from Made –

paper flowers

even Rob liked these little tissue paper flowers from bliss! –

little flowers

How about crocheted roses like these from PlanetJune –

crochet roses

Or these fabric ones featured on Design*Sponge –

fabric flower

We have roses out in the garden of all colours, pink, yellow, deep red and orange so I feel a real and not real flower post coming up ….!

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4 Responses to Flowers

  1. Laura says:

    Thanks for featuring my flower!

    The Embellished Nest

  2. Great post thanks for sharing. You have an excellent layout here. I enjoy making crafts with some of my closest friends. Friends and family alike can enjoy doing crafts together.

  3. maudiemaudie says:

    Thanks for stopping by Family Crafts, I have to say I do most of my crafting alone but you’re right it’s enjoyable to craft with others.

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