What’s going on

I haven’t had much time to post these past few days so here’s a summary:


We had a HUGE hail storm at the weekend, look at the size of those hail stones! This was during and after thunder and lightning and a power cut. Luckily we didn’t suffer much damage – the trees lost some leaves and the tulips their heads, but we heard that others had holes in their greenhouses and mudslides arriving in kitchens which isn’t good. At least the rain afterwards watered the garden and filled up the well again.


Scout decided it was too wet to go out so stayed inside. This is her Saturday Night Fever impression, either that or she’s trying (not very hard) to catch a fly.

Milly close up

Why won’t animals keep still when you want to photograph them? This is a (very) close up of Milly. I was trying to take photos of the goats getting along together but they weren’t very cooperative. Milly thought I must have banana chip treats with me so she wouldn’t leave me alone. Still, I suppose that must mean she feels at home here now!

Lily of the valley

Completely forgot to post this on Sunday. Traditionally on May 1st (Labor day) in France  you give Lily of the valley to those you love, although now you can give it to virtually anybody which is obviously why I felt the need to reach out to you all!! Can you feel the love?? Can you?

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