Spring is here – you can smell it

If only this was a smelloblog, smellyblog, pongyblog or whatever the word might be. It’s way too early for lots of things to be flowering, but they are and outside smells beautiful, all lilac and lily of the valley. The colours are wonderful. It will all end in tears of course when the weather breaks and we could certainly do with rain for the vegetable patch but for now, it’s heavenly. Here’s what’s happening in our little bit of Brittany –

lilac bush

Can you smell that lilac bush?

horse chestnut

The horse-chestnut is flowering madly.

queen of the night tulip

Tulips are my favourite flower and this Queen of the Night is stunning.

view down the drive

A view towards the road, with a laburnum poking its head above the other trees.
the barn catches the morning sun

The barn catches the morning sun.

socut and miss maudie check for intruders

Scout and Miss Maudie check for intruders.  Poor Miss Maudie, even her tail is stumpy!

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2 Responses to Spring is here – you can smell it

  1. movita says:

    Oh my! I wish I were there for a visit. I would curl up under the lilacs and let Miss Maudie lay on my lap…

    • maudiemaudie says:

      You’re welcome to visit anytime but you wouldn’t want Miss Maudie on your lap I promise you! She is sooooo heavy. Neither of them are lap cats really which is just as well.

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