In the garden


The garlic is up and away

Things are definitely growing in the garden, the garlic is well and truly up and growing away, the potatoes and onions are in, tomatoes and salad in the polytunnel. And then there are the dandelions (‘pis au lit’ as they are called in France). They are everywhere, the fields are full of them, some completely yellow with the flowers. We have our fair share, that turn to seed so quickly.

Dandelion thistle

The most perfect dandelion thistle head

When we moved in 6 months ago the garden was established but very overgrown so we’re gradually claiming it back from the brambles and ivy.  The latest shrub to bloom is a beautiful red camellia. It has Buddleia, holly, bay, dogwood and Cotoneaster growing through it but it still looks wonderful.

Red camelia

Despite having other plants growing through it the camellia is still beautiful.

Red camelia close up

Shame the flowers don't last long

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2 Responses to In the garden

  1. movita says:

    I’m so jealous! You’re weeks and weeks ahead of us!

    • maudiemaudie says:

      You’re jealous of our dandelions???? How many do you want? You can come and collect some anytime!
      We’re actually doing well this year, further ahead than this time last year but we had snow before Christmas and none after so maybe that’s it.

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