My cupboards are full

We are the opposite of Old Mother Hubbard in our house …..

My cupboard is full

When we moved to France nine years ago, we brought a lot of things with us. We found a home for a lot of it but we were renovating our house and so lots more stayed in boxes until we were finished. But then we moved last year and everything was boxed up again. Now, I’ve filled up my ‘bibliotheque’, that is meant for books, with china and glass and still have boxes more left.  What’s a girl to do?

Shelf of stuff  Another shelf of stuff

Shelf close up  Glass mustard pot

I think I may be able to squeeze something else onto the top shelf if I try.  The trouble is we are magpies and love to collect things but aren’t very good at getting rid of anything. Ho hum, such is life.

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