Meet Scout and Miss Maudie

Miss Maudie looking sleepy 

So, here is what the cats are busy doing today – above is Miss Maudie, and here’s Scout …….


They’re both looking a bit grumpy because they had to wake up so I could take a photo, Miss Maudie looks especially put out doesn’t she.  Anybody who has read Harper Lee’s brilliant To Kill A Mockingbird will know where they got their names.  They are sisters and soon to reach the dizzy old age of 7. 

I have to admit they are both quite podgy and Miss Maudie has short legs too which makes her look even more rotund which is rather unfortunate.  Poor Miss Maudie, she has to put up with lots of comments like ‘when are the kittens due?’ when actually she has a hormone problem and eats not a lot at all.  Their favourite pastime at the moment is wriggling around on their backs showing off their tummies to the world.

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2 Responses to Meet Scout and Miss Maudie

  1. Sometimes my Mama says that I have a funny little tummy. She knows I do not like hearing that, but she keeps saying it.

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