Amy Butler’s Style Stitches

So, I finally received my Amy Butler’s Style Stitches a couple of days ago.  I ordered it from  Amazon a while ago but it was out of stock for ages and I eventually found it at The Book Depository which is a great alternative to Amazon as it has free p&p to over 90 countries, hooray!

The book is very stylish as you’d expect and inspirational with patterns for the bag printed full size and stored in a pocket at the back of the spiral bound book.  I have read that the patterns were printed on both sides of the paper but mine were all on one side, 9 sheets of paper altogether.

I chose to make one of the bags for intermediate sewers first, the small Teardrop bag. I didn’t follow the recipe exactly – I never do, it’s not in my genes to do everything I’m told! Besides my fabric was thicker than recommended so I left off the hips and didn’t put in the magnetic snap as the opening at the top was very small and I didn’t think it needed a closure. Here it is:

Small Teardrop Bag

One thing I did find was that the handle was very difficult to turn the right way round, even using the safety-pin that was suggested.  However, there are some great looking bags in the book and I’ll be starting another one very soon.


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4 Responses to Amy Butler’s Style Stitches

  1. Hi,
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this Book. I’ve had my eye one this book for a couple of months and have been tempted to order it on a number of occasions. The purse you made was very cute- I’m headed over to Amazon right now to make the purchase.

  2. movita says:

    You do lovely work!

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