Doggy bag!

Dogg bag  Doggy bag2

On a recent trip to the UK I bought some of this doggy fabric.  It’s 100% cotton and called ‘Man’s Best Friend’ by Prestigious Textiles.  Here in France people do put their little pooches in bags and carry them around.  We have seen them even in restaurants although I don’t think that happens so much now.  There are two types of dog here – the lap dog kind that is carried around in a bag or under the arm and the rest.  The rest are generally working dogs or guard dogs and spend all their time outside, never going in the house.

I also bought these lovely Forest Friends from Willow and Stone although they are made by Mibo. You buy them printed on sheets of card and cut them out and fold and glue them yourself. There are several different sets to choose from.

Forest Friends

I didn’t like the dinner I cooked last night – pork chops with other ‘bits’ so I filled myself up with chocolate afterwards, naughty maudie.  It did have almonds in though so that makes it a bit better doesn’t it?

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2 Responses to Doggy bag!

  1. Teje says:

    Hello! I love your doggy bag and that great fabric! I just found you and found your blog so enjoyable! What a lovely cats you have and so much beautiful photos!
    See you soon! Teje

  2. maudiemaudie says:

    Hello Teje, I’m glad you like the doggy bag, the fabric is great isn’t it. There will always be lots of cat and goat photos for you to see!

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