spring flowers

I love the different colours of these Primula growing in the garden.  We didn’t put them in, they were already here when we arrived, there are clumps scattered around the garden.  It must be almost spring;  when the swallows and swifts arrive back then I will know that spring has truly arrived, I always feel uplifted when I hear the first swallow.  The dawn chorus is getting louder and earlier too.

Rob has built a poly tunnel (8m x 4m it’s huge!) so we have plans for lots of fruit and veg this summer.  There are tomato, pepper and Chinese leaf seeds in already and we’ll put in more tomato plants and salad when the soil is a little warmer. We also have 250 garlic plants growing away outside, apparently garlic is going to be in short supply so we need to start growing lots.  Potato and onions will be going in soon.

Must remember to plant my chocolate cosmos soon too, all lovely and velvety, chocolatey brown.

I haven’t had time to sew over the weekend but I have finished putting the strawberries on Mum’s birthday bag now and will post it off tomorrow.

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